Koting Studio

''Red Poppy'' Table Lamp

 USD$ 8,000


 - Lovely red poppy blossoms shade paired with a "Glass-Mosaic Arrowroot" bronze base. Base and shade made by Koting Studio Taiwan.


- Probably designed by Clara Driscoll, famed Tiffany Girl and manager of the Women's Glass Cutting Department at Tiffany Studios, the shade utilizes pierced brass filigree to create a sense of depth. The brass filigree used to articulate the veins of the leaves along the lower edge of the shade is placed behind mottled green glass, mimicking the transparency of a delicate leaf, while the flower's center is formed by a piece of filigree placed on the surface of the glass. The shade is paired with the "Arrowroot Urn" base

- Base and Shade comes with stamped serial numbers and signature.

CIRCA  1986